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Great! I can see you're really getting into this. The very first thing I should mention is - you can see all the HTML coding behind every Internet page by clicking on the "View" menu and then on the "Document Source" line if your using the Netscape browser. For Internet Explorer users you click on "View" as well and then "Source". This is a great way to learn some HTML.

Let's learn how to use different type sizes: (make note: you can cut and paste any of the codes shown below right onto your postcard message window)

If you put: <H1> before a letter, word or sentence everything written after it will be:

this large.

To stop the type being so large you must put: </H1> where you want it to end.
This is H5

This is H4

This is H3

This is H2

To underline you place the following codes at the start and finish of what you want underlined:<U> to start and </U> to finish.

How about italics? <I>Try this.</I>
Try <BLINK> blinking?</BLINK>

There's the<S>strikethrough</S>

This is a blockquote, it keeps your message in the middle of the page. It won't run as far to the left or right.


Using these codes makes a bulleted list:

  • You love me <LI>
  • You love me not <LI>
  • You love me

Let's Add Color To Spice Things Up:

<FONT COLOR=#FF0000>Roses Are Red</FONT>

<FONT COLOR=#0000FF>Voilets Are Blue</FONT>

<FONT COLOR=#008080>If You Use HTML Codes</FONT>

<FONT COLOR=#8000FF>You'll Have Color Too</FONT>

Let's use a friendly script to add some warmth:
(recipient will need the "Dom Casual" font on their computer to see that typeface on the screen. I've got it on my Windows95, so it's probably common)

This is just a note to say hello. I hope everything is going well.

Sincerely yours,
George Dillon

To create the above, start the message with:

<Font FACE="Dom Casual"><H1>

and end the script with


Well, this should get you started. Check back I'll probably add more later. Good luck with your cards. For a more in-depth look at HTML checkout C/net's "Basic HTML".

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