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Miscellaneous Greeting Cards

Animated Cards / Sound Bites
35mm.jpg - 1435 Bytes Animated Miscellaneous Cards

To send the following greeting cards to your friends and relatives you must first download them to your computer and then attach them to your outgoing email. Apple computers cannot play (.exe) executable files.

everycardic.jpg - 1118 Bytes
"Every Greeting Card" - Send a year's supply of cards in one shot.

Animated with music. Runs 55 seconds. 149KB-Exe

thesun2.jpg - 1712 Bytes
"Change Clock One Hour" - Remind a friend to "Fall Back" or "Spring Ahead" one hour.

Animated with music. Runs 25 seconds and then repeats. 240KB-Exe

alarmclockic.jpg - 1836 Bytes
"Daylight Savings Time" - Remind a friend to "Fall Back" one hour.

Animated with music. Runs 45 seconds. 134KB-Exe

springic.jpg - 1181 Bytes
"Remind friends to Spring Forward one hour."

Animated with music. Runs 45 seconds. 132KB-Exe

getwellic.jpg - 1942 Bytes
"Get Well Card"

Animation With Music. Runs 60 seconds. 84KB-Exe

voteic.jpg - 1831 Bytes
"Remind friends to get out there and vote."

Animated with music. Runs 40 seconds. 107KB-Exe

vetic.jpg - 1882 Bytes
"Thank a veteran for his or her service."

Animated with music. Runs 45 seconds. 144KB-Exe

theshotic.jpg - 2165 Bytes
"The Shot" - Remind someone you love to get their flu shot in October.

Animated with music. Runs 25 seconds. 97KB-Exe

april15ic.jpg - 2376 Bytes
"April 15th"

Wish someone a big refund. Animation With Music. Runs 30 seconds. 127KB-Exe

b2s.gif - 2510 Bytes
Three frames of text - "Back To School" , "Learning is going to be so much fun", "In Your Dreams!"

Animated with music. Runs 25 seconds. 96KB-Exe

rosh.gif - 6515 Bytes
A humorous Rosh Hashannah card.

Animated with music. Runs 30 seconds. 116KB-Exe

Gorgeous Card
"You're Gorgeous" Card

"Congratulations, I see you've lost weight...You're gorgeous" Animated text with music. Runs 15 seconds. 93KB-Exe

Forth Of July Card
"Fourth Of July" Card

Waving flag and shooting rockets converts into exploding firecracker. A-Team theme music. Runs 75 seconds. 147KB-Exe

Bon Voyage Card
"Bon Voyage" Card

Island music and swimming dolphin. Runs 35 seconds. 108KB-Exe

Some Smaller Animated Cards
In The AVI Format

firecrackeric.jpg - 881 Bytes
"Happy Fourth" text. Sound of Explosion

Animated 53KB-AVI

57chevyic.jpg - 1251 Bytes
Song - "You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you." For all the car lovers out there.

Animated 238KB-AVI

brideic.jpg - 2058 Bytes
Sound of applause. Animated bride and groom kissing. "Congratulations" text.)

Animated 91KB-AVI

gradic.jpg - 1391 Bytes
Sound of applause. Animated graduation cap.

Animated 97KB-AVI

mistakeic.jpg - 2010 Bytes
"I mean does this not have gigantic mistake written all over it?"

Source: Male- Still 50KB-AVI

denialic.jpg - 1021 Bytes
"As always we maintain plausible denial."

Still 46KB-AVI

sorry2ic.gif - 1177 Bytes
"Alright, I apologize. I'm really really sorry."

Male- Still 100KB-AVI

tripic.jpg - 1049 Bytes

Animated 83KB-AVI

burgeric.jpg - 1838 Bytes

Animated 38KB-AVI

coffeeic.jpg - 4185 Bytes
"Hey baby, wanna chat?"

Animated 164KB-AVI

neongirlic.jpg - 2300 Bytes
"Come up and see me, come up and see me, come up and see me sometime."

Animated 183KB-AVI

ehhoic.jpg - 3300 Bytes
"Eh Oh!"

Animated 96KB-AVI

19th hole...
Know someone who plays golf?
"OHH, that's going to be unbelievably difficult."

Still Image 178KB-AVI

Bronx Cheer AVI
Send Someone A Bronx Cheer

Still Image 53KB-AVI

Bulletin AVI
"We Interrupt This Program..."

Still Image 75KB-AVI

Col. Sanders AVI
"What's The Matter Col. Sanders, Chicken?"

Still Image 52KB-AVI

My Mind Is Going AVI
"My Mind Is Going, I Can Feel It"

Still Image 67KB-AVI

Laughter AVI
Sounds Of Group Laughter (Text: "Oh yeah, GREAT idea.")

Still Image 119KB-AVI

Sound Bites

"Alright alright I apoligize. I'm really really sorry."
37KB - Source: Male/John Cleese/A Fish Called Wanda (Short Version)

A bronx cheer.
12KB - Source: The Bronx

Group laughter.

"We interrupt your regular broadcast to bring you this news bulletin."
53KB - Source: Pinky And The Brain

"Have a wonderful day."
19KB - Source: Male/Bob/Commercial

"As always we maintain plausible denial."
51KB Source: Male/Cigarette Man/The X-Files

A nice round of applause.

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