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Halloween reeting Cards

Animated Cards / Sound Bites
35mm.jpg - 1435 Bytes Animated Halloween Cards

To send the following greeting cards to your friends and relatives you must first download them to your computer and then attach them to your outgoing email. Apple computers cannot play (.exe) executable files.

These files are uploaded to our servers virus free but you should always run your antivirus software after downloading them.

batic.jpg - 1551 Bytes
Eating Too Much Candy

Animated 815KB-Exe

From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us!

underbedic.jpg - 1282 Bytes
Under The Bed - "Don't forget to check under the bed." Wish someone a Happy Halloween.

Animated 178KB-Exe

castledoorsic.jpg - 1317 Bytes
Haunted Castle - Please do come in.

Animated 345KB-Exe

witchic.jpg - 839 Bytes
The Witch - Waking up the dead.

Animated 265KB-Exe

flyingwitchic.jpg - 1131 Bytes
Flying Witch - Needs flying lessons.

Animated 209KB-Exe

broomic.jpg - 1642 Bytes
"Happy Halloween" - Wish someone a Happy Halloween.

Animated 135KB-Exe

hallow2.gif - 1009 Bytes
Halloween Apple & Witch

Animated 511KB-Exe

Some Smaller Animated Cards
In The AVI Format

ohrats2ic.jpg - 4704 Bytes
Coffin AVI 104KB

Rats run around coffin to an evil laugh.

ghostic.jpg - 2660 Bytes
Ghost AVI 127KB

Woman screams, ghost spins and flies away.

Ghost AVI 118KB

Ghost flies at you making scary sounds.

Dancing Skeleton AVI 164KB

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Sound Bites

"Well I'll be a son of a witch."
19KB - Source: Male/Bart/The Simpsons

"This Halloween don't forget to check under the bed."
94KB - Source: Female

"I have come for you. I am death!"
70KB - Source: Male

"Man, this is spooksville."
32KB - Source: Male/Shaggy/Scooby-Do

Vincent Price's evil laughter.
112KB - Source: Male/Vincent Price

"Welcome to my nightmare!!!"
42KB - Source: Male

"Trick or treat"
19KB - Source: South Park kids.

"Your suffering will be legendary - even in hell."
36KB - Source: Male/Hellraiser

Sound of breaking glass. 27Kb Wav

A woman screams once. 33Kb Wav

Wolves howling. 113Kb Wav

Screaming cat. 36Kb Wav

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