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Grandparent's Day Greeting Cards

Animated Cards / Sound Bites
35mm.jpg - 1435 Bytes Animated Grandparent's Day Cards

To send the following greeting cards to your friends and relatives you must first download them to your computer and then attach them to your outgoing email. Apple computers cannot play (.exe) executable files.

averagegandmaic.jpg - 1241 Bytes
"You're not the average Grandmother..."

Animated With Music

Runtime: 30 sec.

grandpagoingic.jpg - 1146 Bytes
"Grandfather - you just keep going..."

Animated With Music

Runtime: 30 sec.

Hi Grandma and Grandpa!

Grandparent's Day Sound Bites

The Grandparent's Day song. 111KB - MP3

The National Grandparents Day Council Website.

"Let's hear it for 'em folks let's hear it for 'em." Sound of applause.
50KB - Source: Male/Doug(Kevin James)/King of Queens

"My love for you is like this scar, ugly but permanent."
57KB - Source: Female/Grace(Debra Messing)/Will & Grace

"Hopelessly devoted to you"
50KB - Source: Song/Female/Olivia Newton John/Grease (Thanks Andrea)

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