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Father's Day Greeting Cards

Animated Cards / Sound Bites
35mm.jpg - 1435 Bytes Animated Father's Day Cards

To send the following greeting cards to your friends and relatives you must first download them to your computer and then attach them to your outgoing email. Apple computers cannot play (.exe) executable files.

letsbehonestic.jpg - 2174 Bytes
"Let's Be Honest..."

Animated With Music 186KB-Exe

iloveyouic.jpg - 1960 Bytes
"Okay Dad, here'$ the thing..."

Animated With Music 89KB-Exe

youdamanic.jpg - 1407 Bytes
"You Da Man!"

Animated With Music 92KB-Exe

fatherquotesic.jpg - 1882 Bytes
"A father is a guy who..."

Animated With Music 114KB-Exe

dvdic.jpg - 2788 Bytes
"Dad spelled backwards..."

Animated With Music 84KB-Exe

DADic.jpg - 1724 Bytes
"To an amazing, fabulous..."

Animation With Music 97KB-Exe


Some Smaller Animated Cards
In The AVI Format

fathersic.jpg - 2102 Bytes
"Happy Father's Day" text. Sound of applause. Animated image of father and child fishing.

Animated 131KB-AVI

Father's Day Sound Bites

"Any who, the key to fathering is 'don't over think.' Cause over thinking is umm... What were we talking about?"
83KB - Source: Male/Homer/The Simpsons

"You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you, you'd be like heaven to touch I wanna hold you so much."
188KB - Source: Song/Female/Ally McBeal

"Let's hear it for 'em folks let's hear it for 'em." Sound of applause.
50KB - Source: Male/Doug(Kevin James)/King of Queens

"My love for you is like this scar, ugly but permanent."
57KB - Source: Female/Grace(Debra Messing)/Will & Grace

"Hopelessly devoted to you"
50KB - Source: Song/Female/Olivia Newton John/Grease (Thanks Andrea)

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