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(Clips from the following TV shows listed alphabetically)
Action League Now, Animaniacs, Cow and Chicken, Daria, Dexter's Laboratory, Dilbert, Duckman, The Flintstones, Futurama, George of the Jungle, Invader Zim, The Jetsons, Johnny Bravo, King of the Hill, Looney Tunes, Pinky and the Brain, Pokémon, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Scooby-Doo, The Simpsons, South Park, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Tick, Winnie The Pooh.

"Where'd you go to school, Dumbguy state?"
31KB - Source: Male/Action League Now

"The end."
47KB - Source:Male/Action League Now

"Think! The future of this planet rests in your head."
36KB - Source: Male/Action League Now

"Okay lady, I love you, buh-bye."
23KB - Source: Animaniacs

"I have no idea what that meant."
22KB - Source: Female/Dot Warner(Tress MacNeille)/Animaniacs - Thanks Jack!

"You gotta be kidding me."
20KB - Source: Slappy Squirrel(Sherri Stoner)/Animaniacs

"Ohh for cry'in out loud, what's wrong with this doohickey thingamajig thing here?"
55KB - Source: Slappy Squirrel(Sherri Stoner)/Animaniacs - Thanks Jack!

"THIS is truly pathetic"
18KB - Source: Slappy Squirrel(Sherri Stoner)/Animaniacs

"I will help my brother."
60KB - Source: Female/Cow and Chicken

"You know, self-esteem is a little like your car's brake fluid. You may not even know you're low on it until one day you go to shift gears and nothing happens."
109KB - Source: Male/Mr. O'Neill/Daria

"Well if you insist on being accurate about it."
42KB - Source: Female/Jane/Daria

"And so for tomorrow I want you to make a list of ten ways the world would be a sadder place if you weren't in it."
92KB - Source: Male/Mr. O'Neill/Daria

"As president of the fashion club I am putting you both on suspension for failing to do a wardrobe check before leaving home and thus appearing in the same dress on the same day."
113KB - Source: Female/Sandi Griffin/Daria

"We tell you over and over again that you're wonderful and you just don't get it! What's wrong with you!!?"
83KB - Source: Female/Helen Morgendorffer/Daria

"It takes a lot of guts to go after a dream, and even if it doesn't work out at least for now you're doing exactly what you want to."
74KB - Source: Female/Daria Morgendorffer/Daria

"Yeah, I just found out that poems don't even have to rhyme, how easy it that?"
52KB - Source: Female/Quinn/Daria

"Are you growing a goatee? That's so two years ago."
59KB - Source: Female/Quinn/Daria

"Am I the only one who sees what's going on around here?"
KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"Rule number one. Persistent questioning of parental judgement is punishable."
63KB - Source: Female/Mrs. Morgendorffer/Daria

"Eawwwwwwwwwww, you're making me nauseous."
50KB - Source: Female/Quinn/Daria

"Well, it's a dog eat dog world, you might as well get use to it."
39KB - Source: Female/Daria's Mother/Daria

"I love malls, they play such happy music. And they let you try on things."
60KB - Source: Female/Britney/Daria

"If I live another twenty years I'll never be able to express the gratitude I feel for your unwavering devotion."
76KB - Source: Female/Sandi/Daria

"My hormones don't rage. Oh sure they get mad sometimes but then they just stop speaking to each other."
71KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"I didn't feel it was my place to state that incredibly obvious fact."
49KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"Thank you for your generousity sir."
25KB - Source: Male/Daria

"Can I bring you a bowl of soup? I'll even bring you a couple of goldfish crackers or a real goldfish if you prefer?"
60Kb - Source: Male/Daria

"Whoa! dude. That is very uncool."
54KB - Source: Male/Kevin/Daria

"Dude, for once I agree with you."
32KB - Source: Male/Daria

"Are you taking some kind of experimental depression medicine?"
40KB - Source: Female/Quinn/Daria

"You're umm, not as superficial as you act. I'm sure you just feel obliged to stress the moronic aspects of your personality."
86Kb - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"Oh no, how could my razor sharp intellect betray me?"
72KB - Source: Male/Daria

"Anyway, being in a relationship can't possibly hinge on physical intimacy because that would mean our parents are still doing it."
65KB - Source: Female/Jane/Daria

"I like a man with a sense of humor."
28KB - Source: Female/Daria's Mom/Daria

"Looks aren't everything. See, there's this thing called personality. There's also liking the same things. Having a similar sense of humor. Being able to have five minute conversations without boring the living hell out of each other."
96Kb - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"Damn computer, it ate everything! Big, fat, smug, damn, stupid, crappy piece of crappy crap!"
70KB - Source: Male/Daria's Father/Daria

"They gave her a goodbye party at 65...miles per second. Retirement by rocket next on Sick Sad World."
39KB - Source: Male/Daria/Daria

"Maybe you'd better stop putting your coats in storage until we know more about the effects of mothball fumes on the human brain."
73KB - Source: Female/Sandy/Daria

"Maybe the next book you read should be 'When mildly inconvenient things happen to shallow people.'"
57KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"If I live another twenty years I'll never be able to express the gratitude I feel for your unwavering devotion."
76KB - Source: Female/Sandi/Daria

"What would you say are your strengths as a student and a human being?"
36KB - Source: Male/Daria

"Well yeah. That's kinda the whole idea."
41KB - Source: Female/Tiffany/Daria

"God, high school. It's all such a big deal with you guys. You take everything so seriously."
64KB - Source: Female/Unknown/Daria

"You will never ever date anyone less attractive than you are. Although equally attractive is okay."
73KB - Source: Female/Quinn/Daria

"Mom, if you're gonna reminisce I'm afraid I'll be forced to call social services."
45KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"Gee, how refreshing. A lecture from a fellow student just like the ones I get from my mother."
66KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"Actually, I may just skip college and stay home. It will save me the trouble of moving back in later."
66KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"Oh babe, you're so hot."
21KB - Source: Male/Kevin/Daria

"Umm, are we by any chance conversing across parallel dimensions?"
45KB - Source: Female/Jane/Daria

"Let's never ever fight again, okay? We shan't let anything mar our love."
82KB - Source: Female/Brittany Taylor/Daria

"Well then, congratulations or whatever they say in situations like these."
48KB - Source: Female/Jane/Daria

"Sorry, only one question per customer. Please try again tomorrow."
51KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"Do you think I'm a rigid, unrealistic, unforgiving, self-righteous jerk who can't hold onto a friend?"
61KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"Hey kids, isn't it a great day? Don't you just love it when it's overcast?"
52KB - Source: Male/Mr. Morgendorffer/Daria

"I just wanted to tell everyone that my Dad and Stepmom are throwing a party for me on Saturday for getting a C- average last semester. There's going to be a band and everyone's invited. Even the unpopular people."
39KB - Source: Female/Britney/Daria (MP3)

"Eh, eh, eh, there you go complaining again."
40KB - Source: Male/Daria

"Eawwwwwwwwwww, you're making me nauseous."
50KB - Source: Female/Quinn/Daria

"Not every human is a manipulative opportunistic lech. Or at least that's what I'm told."
49Kb - Source: Female/Jane/Daria

"As president of the fashion club I'm calling an emergency meeting right now."
55KB - Source: Female/Sandy/Daria

"Oh, go dance on the head of a pin."
25KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria

"God, high school. It's all such a big deal with you guys. You take everything so seriously."
64KB - Source: Female/Unknown/Daria

"Attention, please report to the principal's office. NOW!"
49KB - Source: Female/The Principal/Daria

"Back from beyond the grave, and he still won't pay child support. A dead deadbeat dad next on Sick Sad World."
84KB - Source: Male/Daria

"Hey, don't try any of your twisty turny mind games on me."
35KB - Source: Female/Jane/Daria

"So, your assignment tonight is to locate Orion The Hunter in the sky. Then write an essay on why you think he needs to carry a weapon to feel like a man."
93KB - Source: Female/Teacher/Daria

"Come on let's get some pizza, or tacos or cheese sticks, or stuffed pitas, burgers, bagels, chicken fried BBQ, buffalo wings - my treat."
68KB - Source: Female/Jane/Daria

"Should I agree to perform this sensitive and difficult task, and I'm not saying I will. What's in it for me?"
72KB - Source: Female/Quinn Morgendorffer/Daria

"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning, not too early. Sometime before lunch. Or after. Or better yet, why don't we leave it loose."
103KB - Source: Male/Trent Lane/Daria

"Can you imagine joining an actual sport? You'd get all sweaty and your makeup would smudge. You're supposed to date jocks not be one."
101KB - Source: Females/Fashion Club Members/Daria

"I don't really feel qualified to give any advice on interpersonal relationships today."
54KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria: Is It College Yet?

"You're a good guy. A little spoiled, a hair smug, a trifle egotistical."
51KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria: Is It College Yet?

"Let me just say that in my experience high school sucks. If I had to do it all over again I'd have started advance placement classes in pre-school so I could go from eighth grade straight to college. However, given the unalterable fact that high school sucks, I'd like to add that if you're lucky enough to have a good friend and a family that cares, it doesn't have to suck quite as much."
241KB - Source: Female/Daria/Daria: Is It College Yet?
For MP3 Version @ 66KB Click Here.

"Alright, last day of school, no more classes. Or homework. Or those things - with the pages. Books? Yeah, that's it."
94KB - Source: Males/Daria: Is It College Yet?

"You are interrupting my very delicate calculations."
36KB - Source: Male/Dexter/Dexter's Laboratory

"You have 937 messages, all of which are marked urgent."
80KB - Source: Female/Voice Mail System/Dilbert

"I know over 200 ways to kill a man..."
86KB - Source: Duckman (Thanks Mary Kay)

Theme music for our favorite stone-aged family.
303KB - Source: The Flintstones

"I don't care whether you have money, I love you for your artificial intelligence and your sincerity simulator."
67KB - Source: Female/Futurama

"I'm going to shove coal so far up your stocking you'll be coughing up diamonds!"
46KB - Source: Male/Futurama

"I like your style. You remind me of a young me. Not much younger mind you, perhaps even a couple of years older."
74KB - Source: Male/Zapp Brannigan/Futurama

Jungle yell.
114KB - Source: Male/George/George Of The Jungle

"Video games develop eye-hand coordination and make kids into better human beings."
51KB - Source: Male/Dib's Father(Professor Membrane)/Invader Zim

"Hey got bad news. YOUR FIRED! Ha, ha, ha, gotcha ha, ha."
68KB - Source: Female/Invader Zim

"This is no game, this is my life!"
30KB - Source: Male/Dib/Invader Zim

"Go to the bathroom and roll around in the toilet until you smell better."
37KB - Source: Female/Ms. Bitters/Invader Zim

"As a show of gratitude for your service in the past - here's a sandwich."
72KB - Source: Male/The Tall Ones/Invader Zim

"Finally the day has come. It's about time you acknowledged me as the superior being I so am."
88KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"Curse youuuu!"
40KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"Prepare yourselves for destruction!!!"
42KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"Yesterday I was just like everyone else, I fit in. But when I woke up this morning I had a pimple. Now my life is a hideous montage of humiliation and shame."
122KB - Source: Male/Invader Zim

"I don't know what you're talking about."
32KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"Truly I am amazing."
17KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"I will rule you all with an iron fist. You! Obey the fist!"
103KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"As a show of gratitude for your service in the past - here's a sandwich."
72KB - Source: Male/The Tall Ones/Invader Zim

"You like ice cream, you like ice cream, you love it, you cannot resist ice cream, to resist is hopeless, your existence is meaningless without ice cream "
52KB - Source: Male/Invader Zim(MP3)

"As I was saying the universe is just doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed."
43KB - Source: Female/Ms. Bitters/Invader Zim(MP3)

"People of earth, I have returned to reclaim my rightful place as ruler of this world."
KB - Source: Male/Zim(Richard Horvitz)/Invader Zim

"Prepare yourself for the end. I've put up with you long enough."
74KB - Source: Male/Zim(Richard Horvitz)/Invader Zim

"Stay away from the power amplifier. It's sending out deadly waves of stupidness."
45KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"Pit-if-ul hu-man."
32KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"Have you met my friend, Pustulio?"
36KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

Gir hums.
119KB - Source: Male/GirInvader Zim

"Ohhh, I can't take it, you're too smart for me."
33KB - Source: Male/Gir/Invader Zim

"What does THAT have to do with anything?"
43KB - Source: Male/Host of Mysterious Mysteries/Invader Zim

"Man you're ugly. And short."
31KB - Source: Male/Invader Zim

"There's a pigeon on your head. You've got headpigeons. Get to the nurse before they spread to the other children."
57KB - Source: Female/Ms. Bitters/Invader Zim

"Oh no, oh no, no, no, no, noooooo!"
78KB - Source: Male/Invader Zim

"Nooooooooo!" (Going down toilet.)
113KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"Yes....wait a"
32KB - Source: Male/Invader Zim

"Excellent timing, begin data download."
54KB - Source: Male/Zim/Invader Zim

"No leaving the class without a hall pass."
32KB - Source: Female/Ms. Bitters/Invader Zim

"Yourrrrrrr fired!"
22KB - Source: Male/Mr. Spacely(Mel Blanc)/The Jetsons

"I've been studying you. You see we've been searching for the perfect male specimen. You seem to be a superior example of the breed."
85KB - Source: Female/Johnny Bravo

"You're a bundle of laughs you know that? You're about as exciting as a bad bowl of prunes."
76KB - Source: Male/Johnny Bravo

"You know something tells me I should be feeling really stupid right now."
33KB - Source: Male/Johnny/Johnny Bravo

"I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, I am available."
36KB - Source: Male/Johnny/Johnny Bravo

"I'm going to think of an April Fool's Day joke if it takes me all week."
60KB - Source: Male/Johnny Bravo/Johnny Bravo

"Kiss me, kiss me like I've never been kissed before."
46KB - Source: Female/Johnny Bravo

"Hey, April Fools! Ha Ha Ha."
53KB - Source: Male/Johnny/Johnny Bravo

"She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not. AH DANG!"
57KB - Source: Male/Johnny/Johnny Bravo

"Oh baby, I'm gonna make your dreams come true."
54KB - Source: Male/Johnny/Johnny Bravo

"Congratulations sir, you're our one millionth customer!"
72KB - Source: Source: Male/Johnny Bravo

"April Fools! Thanks for the laugh."
28KB - Source: Male/Johnny Bravo

"Hello 911 emergency there's a handsome guy in my house. Oh, wait a second cancel that, it's only me."
72KB - Source: Male/Johnny Bravo

"Hey there cutie I as studly as the Statue of David or what?"
79KB - Source: Male/Johnny/Johnny Bravo

"I think I may be falling in love with you ah, whatever your name is."
47KB - Source: Male/Johnny Bravo/Johnny Bravo

"I warn you, touch me again and the consequences will be dire."
62KB - Source: Female/Johnny Bravo

"Get back to work."
19KB - Source: Male/Johnny Bravo

"I didn't steal cable, I never pulled the tag off that pillow, the cement had my handprints in it when I got there."
58KB - Source: Male/Johnny Bravo/Johnny Bravo

"Yeah man, I'll tell you what you do man, you keep that dang old arm straight man, put your left hand still man - just speed the hell up."
75KB - Source: Male/Boomhauer(Mike Judge) on Golf/King of the Hill

"I tell you what man..." (Nonsense words)
61KB - Source: Male/Boomhauer(Mike Judge)/King of the Hill

"Yeah man, I'll tell ya that dang old Internet man... click, click, click. It's real easy man."
23KB - Source: Male/Boomhauer(Mike Judge)/King of the Hill - Thanks to Jason Dishop. (RealAudio)

"You leave me with no choice. I'm gonna have to kick your ass."
51KB - Source: Male/Hank Hill(Mike Judge)/King of the Hill

"What's up Doc?"
25KB - Source: Male/Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes(Thanks Doug Strait)

"What a maroon ha ha ha what a ignoranimous ha ha ha ha."
51KB - Source: Male/Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes

"That's a pretty good trick doc, but can you do this? (farting noises)"
105KB - Source: Male/Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes

"Well goodbye. And don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven - cause it hasn't."
84KB - Source: Male/Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes

"Ahhh Shaddap!"
28KB - Source: Male/Daffy Duck/Looney Tunes

"Listen Mac you've got 32 teeth. Would you like to try for sixteen?"
49KB - Source: Male/Daffy Duck/Looney Tunes

"Oh drat these computers they're so naughty and so complex I could pinch them."
66Kb - Source: Male/Marvin The Martian/Looney Tunes

"Happy b-b-birthday you thing from another world you."
27KB - Source: Male/Porky Pig/Looney Tunes

"Da da da that's all folks."
16KB - Source: Male/Porky Pig/Looney Tunes

"Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
35KB - Source: Male/Brain(Maurice LaMarche)/Pinky And The Brain

"I think so."
12KB - Source: Male/Pinky(Rob Paulsen)/Pinky And The Brain

"If I could reach you I would hurt you."
21KB - Source: Male/Brain(Maurice LaMarche)/Pinky And The Brain

"I think so."
12KB - Source: Male/Pinky(Rob Paulsen)/Pinky And The Brain

"We interrupt your regular broadcast to bring you this news bulletin."
53KB - Source: Pinky And The Brain

"Where have you been the last two weeks in a cave?"
34KB Source: Female/Pokémon

"Who's that Pokémon!?"
45KB - Source: Group/Pokémon

"When it comes to humility, I'm the greatest!"
60KB - Source: Bullwinkle Moose(Bill Scott)/The Bullwinkle Show

"And now, here with an unlimited supply of misinformation is Mr. Knowitall."
16KB - Source: Male/Rocket J. Squirrel/Rocky and Bullwinkle

"Man, this is spooksville."
32KB - Source: Male/Shaggy/Scooby-Doo

"If things don't go your way just keep complaining until your dreams come true."
49KB Source: Male/Clinton/The Simpsons

"I didn't think it was physically possible but this both sucks and blows."
20KB - Source: Male/Bart(Nancy Cartwright)/The Simpsons

"Now some unpleasant news. I have learned that someone in this room is a squealer. We've narrowed it down to either Johnny Tightlips or Frankie the Squealer."
118KB - Source: Male/Mafia Boss/The Simpsons

"I stand by my disappointed groan."
52KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"Oh my God, the dead have risen and they're voting Republican."
18KB - Source: Male/Bart(Nancy Cartwright)/The Simpsons

"Well I'll be a son of a witch."
19KB - Source: Male/Bart(Nancy Cartwright)/The Simpsons

"Why would anybody wanna touch a girl's butt? That's where cooties come from."
44KB - Source: Male/Bart(Nancy Cartwright)/The Simpsons

"Well, knock yourself out."
27KB - Source: Female/Marge(Julie Kavner)/The Simpsons

"Listen, do you want the job done right or do you want it done fast?"
34KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"Welcome to the Internet my friend how can I help you?"
29KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons/

"Oh Lord, on this blessed day we thank thee for giving our family one more crack at togetherness. Amen."
90KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"So I typed 'pathetic clown' into a search engine and your name popped right up."
44KB - Source: Female/The Simpsons

"What's going on? And I want a non-gay explanation."
50KB Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"Coma? Why I go in and out of comas all the..."
68KB - Source: Male/Grampa Simpson(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"Whooo, all this computer hacking is making me thirsty."
40KB - Source: Male/Homer Simpson(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

Marge: "He prefers the company of men." Homer: "Who doesn't?"
78KB - Source: Homer & Marge(Dan Castellaneta & Julie Kavner)/The Simpsons

"I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my homosexuals flaming."
64Kb - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"Hey Santa, what's shakin' man?"
17KB - Source: Male/Bart(Nancy Cartwright)/The Simpsons

"Look, nobody likes a crybaby okay?"
28KB - Source: Male/Chief Wiggum(Hank Azaria)/The Simpsons

"Ahh, computers can do that?"
19KB Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons (Via Mooche)

A not so silent night.
167KB - Source: Song/Female/The Simpsons

"You're beautiful."
32KB - Source: Male/Moe(Hank Azaria)/The Simpsons

"No time for that now the computers starting."
22KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons (Thanks go out to Gary!)

"I didn't do it."
43KB Source: Male/Bart(Nancy Cartwright)/The Simpsons

"Oh yeah, everybodies making money off the Internet except us."
94KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God...oh my God I danced with a gay."
40KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"The Internet? Is that thing still around?"
13KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"Listen kid I'm not the kind of dad who, you know, does things or says stuff or looks at ya. But the love is there."
80KB - Source: Male/Crusty The Clown(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"Any who, the key to fathering is 'don't over think.' Cause over thinking is umm... What were we talking about?"
83KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"You couldn't fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine."
59KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"If you are looking for trouble you found it."
35KB - Source: Male/Stephen Hawkings/The Simpsons

"I used to be a disgusting slob. Burp!"
43KB - Source: Male/Barney Gumble(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons(Thanks Linda)

"HA HA! April Fools!"
28KB - Source: Male/Homer(Dan Castellaneta)/The Simpsons

"Step aside wussies."
17KB - Source: Male/Bart(Nancy Cartwright)/The Simpsons

"Trick or treat"
19KB - Source: South Park kids.

"Oh, puhlease."
20KB - Source: Male/Squidward/SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick laughing
57KB - Source: Male/Patrick/SpongeBob SquarePants

"Aye aye captain!"
23KB - Source: SpongeBob SquarePants

"If I had a dollar for every brain you don't have, I'd have one dollar. Ha, ha, ha."
86KB - Source: Squidward SpongeBob SquarePants

"You are the dumbest idiot it has every been my misfortune to know."
59KB - Source: Squidward SpongeBob SquarePants

"So you mean to say they've taken what we thought we think and make us think we thought our thoughts we've been thinking our thoughts we think we thought, I think? "
91KB - Source: Patrick SpongeBob SquarePants

"Why does this keep happening to me?!!"
34KB - Source: Patrick SpongeBob SquarePants

"I am mighty!!"
57KB - Source: Male/The Tick

"TTFN, ta ta for now."
23KB - Source: Male/Tigger/Winnie The Pooh

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