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Birthday Greeting Cards

Animated Cards / Sound Bites
35mm.jpg - 1435 Bytes Animated Birthday Cards

To send the following greeting cards to your friends and relatives you must first download them to your computer and then attach them to your outgoing email. Apple computers cannot play (.exe) executable files.

moneyic.jpg - 1412 Bytes
"Birthday Gifts For Men"

If you only had the money you'd shower him in gifts.

Animated With Music 138KB-Exe

Runtime: 45 seconds

moneyic2.jpg - 1416 Bytes
"Birthday Gifts for Women"

If you only had the money you'd shower her in gifts.

Animated With Music

Runtime: 45 seconds

bdquotes.jpg - 1118 Bytes
"Birthday Quotes"

Animated With Music 143KB-Exe

forgetaboutitic.jpg - 1615 Bytes

A birthday greeting but no gift. Animated With Music 94KB-Exe

tictactoeic.jpg - 2236 Bytes
"Tic Tac Toe Birthday Card"

Animated With Music 97KB-Exe

yousayits.jpg - 2191 Bytes
"You Say It's Your Birthday" Card

Beatles' lyrics in motion. The Beatles "Birthday" song. Animation With Music 93KB-Exe

Star Wars Card
"Star Wars" Card

Text in space saying "Happy Birthday To You" with Star Wars theme music. Animation With Music 335KB-Exe

Yahoo1.jpg - 2696 Bytes
"Chipmunks Singing" Card

Chipmunks singing "Happy Birthday" and much gaiety. Animation With Music 188KB-Exe

Jumping Clown Card
"Jumping Clown" Card

Jumping Clown and Birthday Cake. Midi version of Happy Birthday to You. Animation With Music 106KB-Exe

Champagne And Fireworks Card
"Champagne And Fireworks" Card

Champagne popping to sound of fireworks and screaming crowd. Text, "happy birthday". 516KB - Runs full screen

givemeaic.jpg - 311 Bytes
"Poor Speller"

Wishing someone a Happy Birthday spelled "Your Special Day". Animation With Music 103KB-Exe

Some Smaller Animated Cards
In The AVI Format

birthdic.jpg - 2080 Bytes
"Surprise!!!" A Birthday Greeting

Animated 76KB-AVI

cake2ic.gif - 5115 Bytes
Music box plays the "Happy Birthday" tune.

Source: Still 200KB-AVI

cakeic.jpg - 2399 Bytes
"Happy Birthday your Highness."

Animated 67KB-AVI

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Birthday Sound Bites

Happy Birthday music in midi form.
(4KB Mid)

Porky Pig saying, "Happy ba ba birthday you thing from another world you."
(27KB Wav)

"I spent two minutes, two whole minutes, two minutes shopping for your gift."
85KB - Source: Song/Males/Commercial

"I'm glad it's your birthday happy birthday to you."
143KB - Source: Song/Beatles

Garth Brooks sings - "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you - not all of you are singing - happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you."
201KB - Source: Male/Garth Brooks

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