My toothpaste tube is running low, and the moment of tooth has arrived (sorry about that). Oh sure, I could still maneuver a few more globs across the top of my brush's bristles, but is it really worth the hassle? Now my good friend Jackie would say, "Yes!" Jackie would take a sharp knife, slice open the tube and scrape out the last remaining morsels, all the while wailing one of those deep evil maniacal laughs. You don't know Jackie like I know Jackie.

But, I promised myself I would start letting things go as my years advance. For example, I will gaze serenely around the kitchen while my son holds the refrigerator door open for an interminably long time. I will smile and visualize fields of strawberries while my golden retrievers devour the oriental carpet's fringe. I will remind myself that all my problems are first world problems as my wife moves the thermostat to ever higher and higher settings, I have free will. I CAN change.

That, not quite empty, toothpaste tube is staring at me.

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