Random Acts of Writing

Oh Bats!
Not baseball, but real bats are circling overhead here at dusk. A mere ten to fifteen feet above me, they dine on flying insects. It's equivalent to having my own personal bug zappers. Which leads me to wonder why that concept was never used in a children's cartoon. You know, where the children can speak to the animals. The kid asks, "Hey, Louisville and Belfry, would you two mind taking out some of these mosquitoes?" The child's personal fighter squadron replies in unison, "WITH PLEASURE SIR!"

Indoor Umbrellas
Nettie and I were seated in the "patio" section of a Phillips Seafood restaurant inside the Norfolk Airport terminal. Part way through lunch I asked Nettie, "Why are we sitting under an umbrella, we're inside?" It reminded me of the old plastic turtle habitats with the little green palm tree provided for "shade."

I recently visited our local pet store named "Unleashed," to procure a name tag for our dog Chloe. They had a large selection to choose from: Heart shaped, dog bone shaped etc. I ended up with a rectangular shaped one described as "Dog Tag." Well duh!

Conflicting Advice
The powers that be, recommend I apply suntan lotion pretty much daily. The powers that be, also advise me to wash my hands multiple times a day. These two directives are in conflict, as the washing of the hands removes the suntan lotion just applied. And that my children is why us older citizens have sun spots on our hands.

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