Allow me to convey a brief chronicle of events surrounding the most amazing sight I never saw. That is not a misprint. The following account describes what I witnessed but never actually observed.

On a glorious summer's afternoon I found myself, (it seems I'm always there when things happen to me) standing next to a prehistoric rock gazing into my diminutive pond of wonders. It was just another day-in-the-life for all the plants and creatures that make up the pond's ecosystem.

An exquisite blue dragonfly darted onto the scene. It skittered above the calm waters, likely in search of an "Early Bird Special." I was inspecting this dragonfly very closely because I find them so delightful. Dragonflies are probably my second favorite insect, hovering just a notch below butterflies. When they light upon me, I actually enjoy their company. At the end of any given day we'll find ourselves sharing the same small section of the yard, soaking up the warmth of the sun's last rays. I'll be ensconced in an Adirondack rocking chair while the Dragonflies line up upon the wooden post and rail fence just beyond.

Suddenly the blue dragonfly disappeared. It hadn't wandered off, it just vanished into the proverbial thin air. Continuing a visual scan of the area revealed nothing.

It was a mystery. Although things have mysteriously disappeared before in my life. Once while taking a shower the soap slipped out of my hands and flew out of the tub area altogether. It was never to be found again! Ever! Yes, the toilet seat was down. I suspect a crossover into another dimension or possibly a time portal. One day that slippery bar of soap will reappear to the amazement of the bathroom's new owners. It's not exactly Occam's Razor type reasoning, but that's my theory and I'm sticking with it.

Unexpectedly, the head of a large bullfrog broke the water's surface, causing ripples to radiate across the pond. This self-satisfied frog was situated directly beneath the missing blue beauty. Sherlock Holmes I don't pretend to be, but I quickly surmised this dastardly frog had nabbed my reckless dragonfly with its lightening fast tongue. Apparently faster than the human eye can discern. It was my dear Watson, "The Case of the Frog that didn't Croak."

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