Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or does everyone occasionally get their toes caught in their underwear while dressing?

A toe catches the opening's edge as you balance on one leg, you spin around approximating the Sugar Plum Fairy. Your time aloft is extremely limited. If you're unable to reroute or force your toes through the leg hole expeditishiously, you will be pulled to the ground or nearest available seating arrangement.

Choice of the phrase, "pulled to the ground," has not been decided frivolously. All things are "pulled" to the ground, thanks to the invisible force of gravity. Nothing falls just because it is heavier than air. Should not the seasons be renamed: Winter, Spring, Summer and Pull? In honor of Sir Issac Newton, who "discovered" gravity, should we not say, "The apple does not get pulled far from the tree?"

Do you believe, if you had never been taught the theory of gravity, that you would have discovered it in your lifetime? Me either. If you had witnessed the tall ships returning to port and noticed that the tops of the sails appeared in view before the lower part of the ship, would you have concluded the earth was round? Me either. If you had watched an eclipse of the moon, where the earth's shadow crosses the moon's face, would you have realized the arched shadow meant the earth was round? Me either!

Which leads one to wonder, what other totally obvious clues to understanding the world are we missing? Consider that next time you're reprising your role in The Nutcracker Suite!

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